How does a child learn?

Actually, through their five senses – touch, taste, see, hear and smell. We offer lessons for children from the ‘Kingdom Kids’ curriculum that incorporate the five senses. The ‘Kingdom Kids’ curriculum covers the history of the Israelites and the life of Christ.

Our Bible School success is dependant upon reliable, willing volunteers who commit to teaching a 12-15 week rotation. We are extremely thankful to those who are serving the Lord’s Church in this way. If you would like to assist in this ministry, please contact the church office.

Current Lessons:

Ages 2-5
10 Commandments, Jonah, Sower, The Bible – that’s the book for me!

Grades 1-4
Israelites Journey to the Promised Land

Grades 5-6
Christian Evidences and God’s Existence

Special Events:

  • Vacation Bible School
  • Community Outreach picnic (June 25, Aug 28)
  • Family Camp/Picnic (2nd weekend in Sept)
  • Alberta Spring Fellowship (Easter long weekend)
  • Weekend Seminars (November)
  • Quarterly presentations