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2017 April 14 to 16: ALBERTA SPRING FELLOWSHIP (click here for Brochure)

Theme: Confirming the Promises
Christ had become a servant…to confirm the promises given to the fathers. Romans 15:8

Guest Speakers: Michael Mazzalongo (Oklahoma City, OK) and Don Patton (Hot Springs AK)
Song Leader: Kevin Uebelein and Guest Speaker for Friday evening Teen Supper: Jeremiah Eggar (Wolf Point MT)


2017 April 28 to 30: LADIES RETREAT at Rundle’s Mission Lodge (Brochure forthcoming) (click here for Rundle’s Mission lodging)

Weekend Lessons:     Control Issues, In Control, Out of Control, and Under Control.

Guest Speaker:    Liz Lobert (Medicine Hat AB)

Please register through the church office  by Tuesday, April 26 (church5@telus.net; 780.455.1049)
NOTE: Lodging accommodates 44 beds and 16 for Saturday Day Only = 60 Limit (due to building code)
Beds preferences are determined once fully registered. Click here for Registration Form.


2017 May 26 to 28 : YOUTH RALLY – at church building (Click here for Brochure & Registration forms)

Theme:    IMPACT

Speaker:   Paul Rasmussen (Waterloo ON), Song Leader: James Holston (Houston TX)

Please register through the church office (church5@telus.net; 780.455.1049)


2017 September 15 to 17: CHURCH FAMILY CAMP at Ross Haven (Brochure forthcoming)
Register through the church office by Sunday, September 10 (church5@telus.net; 780.455.1049)


2017 October 20 to 22: COUPLES’ RETREAT at Rundle’s Mission (two houses) (Brochure forthcoming)

Theme:  TBD

Guest Speakers: Kevin & Cataharine Carson

Please register through the church office (church5@telus.net; 780.455.1049)


2017 November 17 to 19: ALBERTA FALL FELLOWSHIP  – PRAISE & HARMONY WORKSHOP (Brochure forthcoming)

Theme:  Praise and Harmony Workshop (Thursday – Sunday)

Guest Speakers:  Keith Lancaster (Tulsa OK) and Guest Speaker TBD

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