Henri Bouchard, Walter Hreczuch, Kirby Salter

David Friesen, Chris Goossen,  Emerson Guimaraes, Bruce Hoddinott, Roland Latifi, Jay Manimtim, Sean McCartan, Clackson Yambie, Ifedayo Zacchaeus

Larry Boswell, Emanuel Burnstad




Henri Bouchard

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I responded to the gospel call in May of 1978 while living in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Becoming a Christian brought a whole new meaning and purpose to life while living in Medicine Hat until 1988 when we decided to move north to the Edmonton area. After living in Edmonton for a couple of years, the congregation asked me to serve as a deacon which I enjoyed greatly until 1994. It was an hounor to be asked to serve as one of the elders of the Edmonton Church of Christ in the same year. This has been a tremendous experience to serve our Lord and Savior in this capacity.


Walter Hreczuch

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I responded to the gospel in March of 1985. I became a Deacon of Finance within a short time in 1987 and began to serve as an Elder in 2003. I was born in Montreal, Quebec and moved to Edmonton with my parents in 1968. I have retired after a 34 year career as a Professional Engineer in an electrical utility company. My wife, Cindy and I have been blessed with 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren.


Kirby Salter


Larry Boswell


Larry Boswell returns to Edmonton with a rich variety of experience. He was born in Gary, Indiana, and lived there through high school. It was at Florida College that he met Karen, and they married in Dallas, Texas. Shortly thereafter they moved to Lethbridge, Alberta, where Larry was an intern with the church there. After 18 months, they moved to Medicine Hat to work with the church in that city. In 1983, they moved to Palatine, Illinois, for 4 years, then the church in Medicine Hat called and asked them to come back. They received their Canadian citizenship in 1993, and were surprised six days later when Karen’s parents phoned and asked them to come to consider running the family business, a solder-manufacturing operation in Dallas, which they did. In 2000, on a family vacation to Branson, Missouri, Larry was surprised by an opportunity to audition for a stage role in The Promise, a Broadway-style musical on the life of Christ from the prophecies to the ascension. Thus they moved to Missouri for three seasons. When the show closed, they decided to move to Edmonton to be near their children and grandchildren. Although he had only been in town for six months, Larry was asked to become an Elder for this congregation, which he did. Unfortunately, however, employment had been scarce, as God seemed to have other plans for Larry and Karen.  When Western Christian College and High School offered them both full-time employment, they felt they had to accept. After a year there, the opportunity opened up to go to China to teach English, giving them many opportunities to teach what they have always loved to teach. Having reached age 62 after nine years in China, the government would no longer issue a work visa, so they returned to Edmonton to live and work here.


Bruce Hoddinott

Deacon - Education & Child Protection